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About Us


1. Student Success

·         To educate and graduate students who will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a diverse environment.

2. Academic Excellence

·         To foster high-quality, curricular and pedagogical activities aligned with the mission of the campus  to achieve academic excellence

3. Faculty Development

·         To enhance the quality of faculty and staff by providing opportunities for continuous development in order to become a recognized campus.

4. Fiscal Strength

·       To improve the fiscal position of the campus by diversifying and enhancing economic sources and upgrade financial sustainability through effective utilization of resource and its expansion.

5. Physical infrastructure Development

·      To enhance technological operations and the physical requisites in order to provide a conducive teaching, learning and working environment.

6. Collaboration with Internal and External Parties

·   To enhance networks with other units of our university, community; federal, provincial and local governments in Nepal.

7.    Institutional capacity development

·         To improve the existing situation of physical and human resource according to demand of institution.

8.   Program Extension

  •   To launch new pedagogical applied programs according to community, new time and country.

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