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Master of Arts in Nepali

Doti multiple Campus has launched Master of Arts in Nepali is a two year, four semester course of Tribhuvan University under the faculty of humanities and social science from 2070.

The main objectives of studying MA Nepali are as follows:

  • The course aims in making students capable of understanding the fundamentals of Nepali language and advocating the need and importance of studying the Nepali language.
  • The course aims to build efficient manpower that have an ability to uplift the Nepali language and literature to the phenomenal height and make Nepali very popular among youngsters.
  • The course aims to produce creative students who have a zeal and passion to conduct research and other research related activities in the field of Nepali.
  • The course aims to produce innovative and talented students who can contribute in uplifting Nepali literature by writing poems, ghazals, stories, plays, etc that are correct from both literature and grammatical point of view.
  • The course aims to produce prolific students who are easily saleable in the job market, who can compete with the students of other faculty in any kind of competitive exam and who can influence millions of lives through the artistic use of Nepali language.

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Name Address Email Contact Number Designation  
Khemraj Paneru Kailpal Jaisera, Dadeldhura 9848558813 Associate Professor View Profile
Ishwori Datta Pant Silgadhi 9868405951 Associate Professor View Profile
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